Oracle DB Vault New Features in Oracle 12c R1 – Part1 : Changes at DB Vault Installation

There are many changes at Oracle DB Vault in Oracle 12c version. At this note I will give you information about  the change at DB  Vault Installation .

  1. DB Vault Installation

At Oracle 11g version you need to  relink Oracle binary before installing Oracle DB Vault. You do not need this operation in Oracle 12c.

At Oracle 11g version you need to relink binary with chopt command like below

$ chopt enable lbac

$ chopt enable dv

And You do not need in Oracl 12c vesion

In order to install and configure DB Vault In Oracle 11g version, you have to use dbca. At Oracle 12c you only need dbca to install Oracle Label Security and Oracle DB vault component . You can use DVSYS.CONFIGURE_DV packet to configure DB vault. Actually still you can do this configuration with dbca but it is optional.

DB Vault component installation is made with this page in  dbca in Oracle 12c version.


And DB Vault configuration can be made by dbca but It is optional


This gives us flexibility ; During database installation DBAs can install Oracle DB Vault without making any configuration on it. After the DB Vault installation is completed, you can make DB Vault configuration as a security officer without DBA intervention.

The below  query shows that DB Vault component is installed. But It does not mean that It is enabled.

SQL> select comp_id,status from dba_registry where comp_id in (‘OLS’,’DV’);

—————————— ———–

With DVSYS.CONFIGURE_DV; you can mention which user is DB Vault admin and which user database account manager.

3 dvowner_uname => ‘dvowner’,
4 dvacctmgr_uname => ‘dvacctmngr’);
5 END;
6 /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

This packet is new in Oracle 12c and It gives us flexibility to security officer to configure DB vault alone. After DB Vault component installation tou do not need to rebound the database bu you need to run utlrp.sql to compile all invalid objects.