Starting to Pyton – Python Installation on Windows

In this note; I will show you how you can install Python to your Windows system.

If you have any Linux, Unix or Mac machines. You will see that ; Python is already installed. For example at my virtual Linux system Python is already installed as you see on the below picture.



But this is a Python 2 . In this note I will show you how you can install Python 3.

Actually There is no to many differences between Python 2 and Python 3 .  Now the  most widely used libraries have been ported to Python 3 and for new projects I advice you to start with Python 3.

Before starting to install Python 3 , Please check that Python is already installed to your windows. Now  we can download Python 3 from this web site.


And run python-3.6.1 from downloaded directory. At my computer I already download Python 3 therefore when I start python-3.6.1.exe below screen will appear.



If your first installation please check Custom installation . Because If you choose default installation ; The installation directory will be under your user directory.  The best way is to choose default installation and install Python 3 to a directory named like c:\Python361

Go on Custom installation; Choose all optional Features


Then Press Next; At Advanced Options choose a directory to install Python


wait for a while; and Python is installed and start it with a command “python” in installed directory


I can  put the python directory in PATH variable. By this way you can call python from any directory at your system


Now you can play with your python.



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