My Book About Oracle Database Security

My book about the Oracle Database security “ORACLE VERİTABANI GÜVENLİĞİ” is on the sale. You can find it D&R stores at Turkey. At the web;  you can get it from ABAKUS bookstore Web-site.

This book is about general Oracle database security and includes Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c  versions. It is a Turkish book.



Main Topics on the book

  • Oracle User Management
  • Enterprise User Security
  • Secure External Password Store
  • Authorization
  • Privilege Analysis
  • Application Context
  • Virtual Private Database
  • Security at Oracle Container Databases
  • Data Reduction
  • Auditing
  • New Security Features at Oracle 12c
  • Transperant Data Reduction
  • Encryption on the network
  • Security for Network Services



If you are interested to translate it to Engish , Please Contact to me.


Anıl Akduygu


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